My dungaree collection

Dungarees are the most versatile items you could ever think of. My very first pair of dungarees were bought when I was 11 years, that’s almost 10 years ago. I remember them dungarees were too big but I still bought them using my pocket money. Thank god after a few times of moving places, they are still in my wardrobe. Now I can finally wear them out

My first pair of dungarees are very light in material. I would still be okay wearing them in a 35 degree summer.

The second pair I bought could date back to almost 10 years go. (Have no idea why I was obsessed with dungarees at that time) these are thicker you can wear them in the winter if you would like. I could imagine myself wearing them when I get back to the UK in September. You could throw on a jumper to make them look like baggy jeans.



The weather suddenly dropped to 12 degrees  in Japan so I was wearing these dungarees instead of shorts.



It suddenly got really sunny the other day. I paired them with a top I got from Brandy Melville 2 years ago.


As summer is here already, why not wear a pair of dungaree shorts?

Project 3

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