Spending a day in Hakone Japan 

We went down the mountain from Hakone to strawberry farm. There was all you can pick and eat strawberry buffet for 30 minutes. It was only 700 yen but you could have the freshest strawberries handpicked by yourself. I was quite amazed because back home in Hong Kong, you could never find places like this cheap. 

At the strawberry farm, we were given with transparent plastic containers to chuck the strawberry leaves. I personally ate them with the leaves anyway. There was a lady distributing condensed milk as a strawberry dip. I know that lots of Japanese dip strawberries with cream or condensed milk, I think it might override the natural sweetness of the strawberries. But if you have a sweet tooth, you will like how they eat their strawberries. 

Hell Valley 

Despite the horrible weather up in the mountain and the pungent smell of sulphur, hell valley was absolutely stunning. Hell valley is famous about the black eggs, boiled in their spring water that contains sulphur and iron. It’s said that you can extend 7 years of your lifespan eating one black egg. The sulphur and iron make the eggs look black on the outside. Inside, they are just normal eggs. 

Soba noodles

We headed down to a rustic soba place. I had some yam soba and my family had tonkatsu rice with egg. It was 9000 yen for the eight of us which was a bargain. The food and the atmosphere made us feel like we were in some Ghibli film. 

Venetian glass museum 

Venetian glass museum was full of ancient vases and sculptures made by glass. Some of them were made in 3000 bc. 

The garden was the big focus. The trees were made from glass that were stunning. The little wooden houses reminded me of the magical houses in Harry Potter studio. They also invited an Italian artist to sing in the evening. 

Dinner in onsen hotel 

Dinner was grill pork with sashimi, cooked fish and dessert by the side. I had grilled vegetables, soba noodles and salad. I also tried some warm sake for the very first time. Still I prefer it cold. 

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