image Nan and I in Japan 

I remember when I was growing up, my nana used to take care of me because my parents had to go to work. The memories were vague but there’s one footage of me crawling towards her is kept deep inside my brain.
When I reached puberty, my conversation with nan would not exceed more than 3 sentences. 4 years ago, I made my way to the UK to study university. Whenever I went home for summer, I was always going out with friends or having some alone time with myself. Every time nan invited me to come for lunch, I never went. 
Last month, my grandad passed away. I stepped in the hospital with nan. When we were in the lift going up, the air conditioning was icy cold, she was still worried about whether I had put on enough clothes. 
The moment I saw my grandad, his eyes were shut already. It was my first time seeing my nan’s tears dropping. My heart broke when I saw her crying and I could not help her get any better. Since I was very little, I always thought my grandparents would always be here. The clock is inevitably ticking as I grow up. Seeing my grandad leaving us was hard but it was a wake up call that everything comes and goes. 
A week ago, my family planned a holiday to Tokyo with nan so she could temporarily forget about the loss of my grandad. I brought a camera to capture her smiles in Japan. 

We went to Enoshima, a 2 hour drive approximately from Tokyo. The view from Enoshima Shrine was spectacular. Although the stairs were extremely long and I got intimidated when walking down from the temple, it was still worth going up to see. 

The stairs look short here but trust me it took me around 3 minutes to run up the stairs. Because my nan was in wheelchair, she couldn’t go up to see the temple closer. I would still recommend anyone to come and feel the Shinto atmosphere. 
Having fun playing around my nan’s wheelchair


We got some caramelised ice cream for 400¥. The ice cream wasn’t too bad for its price and it came with chocolate cakes and biscuits

We came across to a hat shop nearby. Seems like in Japan, their hat fashion is quite broad. We were picking our hats until around 6 in the evening. Shops outside the capital close at 5.30. Although, I felt sorry for the sales ladies working more hours, we managed to get some cute Japanese hats. 

Sushi in Shinjuku
We managed to go in a sushi bar which has branches across Tokyo. The sushi was 100¥ a plate. The meat eaters apart from me were quite impressed by the quality. As a vegetarian, if you understand Japanese, you could still order tamago (egg roll) sushi or kyuri (cucumber) sushi. 


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