Solo Guide To Stockholm Sweden 

2 years ago, I made a decision traveling alone to Stockholm, Sweden. It was my very first time traveling solo but it was also the best time I have ever had. There are a few things that you must do when in Stockholm. 
Fika time 

Swedish people like to have a fika time, coffee break at 3 in the afternoon. There are lots of good cafes in Stockholm. You can bump into one and enjoy a good cup of coffee. I remember I sat in the cafe outdoors for ages simply because I was on holiday. 
ABBA Museum 

You have never been to Stockholm if you haven’t visited ABBA museum. It’s literally the best museum I have ever visited. You get the opportunity to sing a lot of ABBA’s famous songs like dancing queen. It was fascinating to see those outfits they were wearing on shows. After visiting, I could confidently say that I fell in love with the museum. 
Gröna Lund 

In the UK, the nearest theme park to me is Thorpe Park. It was intriguing to try out a new theme park. Although it is not the biggest park I have seen, it was still great to try out some rides. The swing was really high. It almost made me pee myself. 

If you are up for shopping, Drottninggatan is the place for you. They do lots of brands like weekday and Cheap Monday that you don’t really see back in the UK apart from London. I am also a vintage addict, there are a few vintage shops like beyond retro. You could also get Swedish artists brands like Lisa Larson. 
Apart from that, I just spent the majority of my time chilling out in cafes because I just wanted a holiday holiday after all the hardship from work. 

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