4 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying Food From Wet Markets

If you ever come for a working holiday in Hong Kong, you might come across with where to buy your groceries. Here in Hong Kong, there are 2 types of markets, normal supermarkets such as Taste, Market Place and wet markets, which have got a variety of independent shops. Ever since I was growing up, I never enjoyed having a trip down to my local wet market. People were shouting for discounts and lots of fish were waiting to be killed. My boyfriend flinched when he set his foot in the wet market. He said to me I would rather pay more in a supermarket than coming here. As we kept buying foods from the supermarket, we realised that it wasn’t a good idea anymore from our expenditures. So we manned up and started coming to the wet market more often. We are loving the wet market now due to these reasons. 

Reasonable Prices 

Wet markets are way cheaper than mainstream supermarkets like Taste. For instance, a bunch of mint leaves costs $4 from a local shop in the wet market whereas mint in Taste would cost 15$. You might think it’s only 10$ difference but it’s quite a math if you buy it everyday. 
Great service  

People selling food from wet markets are nice once you have become their frequent customers. Every time we go to the wet market the ladies would give some fruit for free. It is always great to share good recipes with them if you could speak Cantonese. 
A variety of cooked Chinese dim sum 

Wet markets offer lots of reasonable dim sum. You could get a egg custard bun for $5 compared to $30 on average in a dim sum restaurant. More dim sum for less. 
Exotic fruit 

Wet markets’ fruit shops have more fruit options than mainstream supermarkets. You could get marshmallow flavoured grapes or grapes that look like fingers. They are more specialised in fruit than supermarkets

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