My first date in Brighton 

My very first date happened in Brighton a year and a half ago. I remember my date, my boyfriend right now brought me to a place that I had never been before, Brighton, regardless I had been living in London 2 years already. ( PS, Please don’t judge me) 
I was already amazed by the sea front when I set my foot out of the Brighton station. After our very first date, my love to Brighton was so strong that it eventually made me and my boyfriend move there. 
It was in October. The summer activities in the sea front was still open. We went for the reverse bungee jump. We are adventurous people and personally, I have already done 2 proper bungee jumps in the past, if you or your date are not keen for heart racing activities, scroll down and what we have done next. We had huge fun doing that and it was simply, unforgettable. 

The lanes 

The lanes in Brighton are what makes Brighton stand out from the rest. My eyesight was drawn to the variety of independent vintage shops. They even offered vegetarian hippie shoes. If your date is into vintage fashion, Brighton lanes are the safest spot to pick. If you or your date get peckish, there are lots of dessert shops available. They also offer great vegan cakes, gelato and waffles. There is always something that would suit you and your partner. 

Brighton Pier 

We went to Brighton pier but there was some facilities weren’t open. It’s still an awesome choice for couples when it’s open. Still, we managed to do one ride. 

Brighton Pavilion 

We came across to Brighton Pavilion. The dome architecture was very intriguing. I felt like I was in India apart from the horrible English weather. We were strolling around the garden nearby. It was lovely. 
Terre A Terre 

Because I was vegan, he booked a table in this vegetarian restaurant. I remember the atmosphere was very welcoming and the 3 course meal was on point. It’s been a year and a half ago, I can’t really recall what I ate but I managed to find my food pictures. You can ask them if they’ve still got it

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