image 3 Different Sides Of Hong Kong 

As the temperature in Hong Kong is rising, it’s time to be more active and venture out. Last week, I have brought my camera out and taken pictures in a few stunning places. I haven’t had any photography lessons but your pictures can’t go wrong in a couple of places in Hong Kong. I’m going to bring you along and show you where to take pictures like a pro. 

Ha Pak Ngai

Very near to the border, the sunset of Ha Pak Nai is just speechless. If you are a tourist and you don’t really fancy touristy places, Ha Pak Nai beach is your kind of place. There are lots of locals walking their dogs and taking pictures of the famous sunset. It’s perfect for a city escape, which is one thing I like about Hong Kong. You can drive from the urban for less than an hour and you can have a completely different view. 
I went there on Easter Sunday. I met a few Shiba cuties and able to capture the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. 

There was a festival event going on. People came over with their pets! 

Nai Chung

If you are around new territories, you have to visit Nai Chung. You can take pictures from any angles and still look professional. As the weather is getting sunny, take a trip there and enjoy the filterless scenery. 

When you get hungry, better check out a couple of Thai restaurants across the road. Their food is absolutely mouthwatering. I would highly recommend having a refreshing papaya salad, perfect to open up your appetite on a boiling hot day. 

Half Moon Bay

If you are feeling too hot, half moon bay is where you should be. Apart from it’s amazing beach view, you can go for a swim in a subtropical green sea. It is a short boat journey from Sai Kung. If you are not a swimming person, you can alps go hiking to another attraction, Kiu Tsui country park. All your effort will be paid when you reach the top of the mountain. Take a snapchat and smile, your friends and families are going to be jealous! 

Where do you go to take good pictures?

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