Top 4 Things To Tick Off Your Bucket List 

Life is short, indeed. Our lifespan is around 80 years. Excluding your childhood and elderhood that you have to be taken care of by other people. The golden times you actually have got is around 40 years. Today, we are going to show you our top 5 activities to make you feel like you have lived.

Road trip in Iceland

The 360 C view of Iceland is simply, the quintessence of life. There are volcanoes that you can visit. Inside the volcano is a great tour to know more about Icelandic volcanoes.

Or you can just do a road trip just like Walter Mitty. You might be able to borrow a skateboard!


When you feel tired after all the walking and driving around, why not have an amazing spa time in the most picturesque Iceland lagoon?


Bungee swing in New Zealand

The day you go bungee swinging will be the most unforgettable day in your life. When people are still looking to get their bungee ticked off, it’s time for you to be different and say you have got your bungee swing ticked off from your bucket list. You can even get that done with a friend or family member together!

Dead Sea

Situated in between Israel, Jordan and Palestine, Dead Sea is the most magnificent place you can ever view in your eyes.
Making bucket list means you don’t want to regret living. Imagine just before you shut your eyes, who and what you would think of at last? 

Family and friends

Accomplish more with your family and friends and tick off your family bucket list. Everything you do with friends and family creates the most precious memory.


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