Little Trip At Home 

Even though Easter is on its way, some of you might not have the luxury to take a trip to somewhere else. In fact, there are lots of ways to treat yourself a holiday at home. 

Hotel standard breakfast 

Why not treat yourself a copious breakfast just like the ones you would have in a hotel? Fill your stomach with warm and runny poached eggs 

Oriental Poached Eggs On Toast 


2 eggs 

2 Scoops of Kimchi 

Bunch of  basils 

2 sourdough toasts 


1. Boil the water in a hob

2. Stir the boiling water and cracked 2 eggs in the hob. 

3. Toast the sourdough 

4. Spread kimchi on sourdough, put basils and poached eggs on top 

5. Enjoy your delicious breakfast 
‘Local lunch’ 

Do some research and make something that isn’t from your country. The modern proper does lots of food recipes from all around the world. Be adventurous with cooking. 

Exotic evening cocktails 

Simply because you deserve a glass or more glasses of cool cocktails. Actually, there are lots of exotic cocktails that are super easy to make. Be your very own bartender tonight. 


DIY your Iceland lagoon  

Decorating your bathroom and choosing the right bath bomb will make you feel like in Iceland lagoon. Lush’s big blue bomb is turquoise blue when it melts in the bath, which resembles the lagoon. It’s packed with amazing natural ingredients such as lavender oil, lemon essential oil and sea salt. It has a refreshing citrusy smell. 

Putting flowers in your bath could bring out the bath aroma and enhance the appearance. 

Candles can also bring out the zen and relax your muscles. Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt has a hint of sea smells that compliments with the acidic of the bath. 


Make your own bed

Making your own bed in the morning can make the whole room look neater and more organised. 
Burn a scented candle 

Sometimes, traveling is all about stepping down and reconnect to yourself. Burning your favourite scented candle in your bedroom can also calm your senses down. The white company offers a variety of good scented candles apart from Jo Malone. If you prefer a beach holiday, ocean tide scented candle can recreate the refreshing salty smells. 


Yoga helps regain your inner peace after all the busy work schedule. There are lots of yoga videos on YouTube that you practice yoga anytime at home easily. Yoga with Adrienne does a variety of yoga videos that suit different needs. Her little own sense of humour would make your day. 

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