Travel Essentials 2017 

Apart from getting excited for your trip away from reality, packing can be quite a task. As I am going away to Korea, I thought why not show you my tips on how to pack to have the best journey!

1.Make your own packing list

Everyone has a different destination. Some of you might be going to somewhere colder. Some of you might be heading to somewhere tropical. But wherever you go, making your own packing list would make you miss nothing in your suitcase. 

Packing list

2. Check the weather
Even you book your holiday to somewhere famous for its mild weather can’t guarantee that it’s going to be sunny the whole time you are staying there. Check the weather forecast to know what you actually need to pack for the time you are staying. 

3. Pack one more day of clothes

Traveling als means coming out of your comfort zone, so prepare for the unexpected! Pack one more outfit, you will never know the rain pours down for a second on a sunny day. 

4. Don’t worry and have fun 
Going on a holiday after all the hard work, you deserve to be the queen on holiday. Whatever you forget to pack, just relax, there’s always ways to resolve it. Locals over there wouldn’t have lived there if there wasn’t enough essentials. 

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